General and Background Information

P11D Organiser has the facility to submit benefits & expenses data to HMRC via the internet through a process known as File By Internet (FBI).

At the Tax year end, all of your P11D & P11D(b) records can be submitted electronically in a single return for each PAYE reference. This on-line filing route can also be used in-year to submit P46(car) changes.

The system generates an XML return that is sent via the internet to the Government Gateway. Details of how to register can be found at the following websites: -  or

The end of year returns incorporating the P11Ds & P11D(b) for the PAYE reference can only be submitted once after the end of the tax year. If any amendments need to be made, then these have to be done on paper copies of the P11D clearly marked as “Amendments” (I have submitted P11Ds to HMRC – how do I amend my return?).

Accessing the HMRC Filing Facility
Go to the HMRC Filing menu option at the top of the application and select EOY Filing By Internet. If this option is not available, your user profile does not have the required "Role" (HMRC FILING"). Please contact your system administrator to add this role to your user account. If you are the user administrator, please refer to the User Security Guide .

Preparing a Submission
Prior to making a live submission to the Government Gateway, you need to prepare your submission ahead of live submission.

The Prepare Submission functionality is a safe way of checking your return by running a series of data checks for known HMRC validation rules and also a way of testing your internet connection to the Government Gateway.

This will build the XML return, validate it for any errors and then test your connection to the Live Gateway as well as checking your user credentials for any errors.

Click Prepare Submission and Confirm action.....

STEP 1 – Enter User credentials
If required (either first use or if the existing/stored credentials are no longer valid), complete the fields for Email Address, Sender type, Gateway Sender ID, and Gateway Password

Note: if you wish to expose the Gateway Credentials ahead of them being tested e.g if they are, for instance,new or revised credentials, simply Right-Clicking the Prepare Submission button will give you the chance to edit them.

Sample dialogue confirming credentials are required.

Enter/revise Gateway credentials and click ok to commit changes.

If accepted, the screen will display an authenticated dialogue line to confirm correct details supplied

STEP 2 – Validation

Having entered the user credentials, click the Prepare Submission button. Validation rules will now be run and the system may display a number of separate pop-up screens to point out any records that require correction before a live submission is made.

Example – Employee Records with Blank/Invalid NINO's

The system can create a look-up of the records causing the validation problem so that you can correct the problems and then generate a successful live submission file.

For example, the Gateway will not allow duplicate NI Number records to be submitted, so the system has functionality to attach all the benefit records into one of the duplicate employee records using the “Recalculate benefits – This employee” tool (F11 Key) (See separate help guide) 

Click Yes to see results

STEP 3 – Prepare Submission complete

At the end of the validation the "Submission" window will confirm the submission file has been validated, the size of the file, and confirm the number of records for each section of the P11D. It will also note any “Warning” messages that were referred to during the validation process. 

Submitting a Live Submission 

Having successfully prepared a submission and dealt with any validation issues, you are now able to create a “Live” submission using the “Send Submission” button.

This process will perform the same validation functions as carried out during the “Prepare Submission" function, but will then poll the Live Government Gateway and transmit the .XML file to HMRC. The Gateway will issue an immediate acknowledgement email to confirm the successful submission and the system statistics window will also confirm the date & time the file was both acknowledged and received at the live Gateway.  

Submission Complete

The Government Gateway will issue an immediate acknowledgement email to confirm the successful submission and the "Submission" window will also confirm the date & time the file was both acknowledged and received at the live Gateway. 

You will also get an email from HMRC confirming acceptance of the submission once it's been checked. Once this has happened the 'Accepted' field will be populated with a data and time stamp.  In the rare event that the 'Accepted' field hasn't been completed then the 'Send Submission' button will change to 'Poll Submission'.  Clicking on this button will allow the system to see if the HMRC gateway has finished checking the file and update the 'Accepted' field if successful.

Successful submission with confirmation from the Gateway

If you have finished with the HMRC Filing function, click Cancel to return to the main P11D Organiser area.

It is suggested that at this stage, you produce a P11D(b) .pdf file for your records.

Additional Functionality 

After the report has been generated and displayed, a series of buttons will now be enabled on the FBI screen (M L X & V) these can be used to:

M: List of employees who have been modified after the submission has been made
L: List of submitted employees
V: View the submitted .xml file (using Internet Explorer)

Displays the date and time the live submission was accepted by the Government Gateway.

Printer icon: Submission report including Class 1A NIC value, Correlation ID, & submission acknowledgement

Cog Icon: Access to the configuration screen to make changes to internet connection settings etc. Included are test buttons to check accessibility and/or connectivity to PAS's own hosted website ( and more importantly, the live Government HMRC Gateway that receives the submission (https://

Email icon: Functionality to e-mail a copy of the submission report together with a copy of the .XML file for future reference.

View ERROR: In the event of a submission error during the Live submission (see below) the Send Submission button will be replaced with View Error button to display the validation issues generated by the Gateway during submission in the XML file.