Before you start…..  

You will require full administration rights for the location where the P11D Organiser software is installed.

In order to perform a workstation setup you will need some background information (please refer to your IT department, if necessary):

  • The location where the software exists - UNC path e.g. \\server\apps\p11d 
  • If you need local administrative rights to apply changes to your machine

The video below will be updated shortly to reflect the new installation method

Installing the P11D Organiser on a workstation for connection to a network install
To set a PC up to use the P11D Organiser, run the dedicated workstation installer following the steps below:

1. Start – Navigate to the location where the existing P11D Organiser has been installed e.g. \\server\apps\p11d (or via a mapped drive if this is used). Within this directory select the sub-folder labelled “INSTALL

2. Workstation Installer - Double click the “Workstation.exe” from the INSTALL folder (You will need Admin rights in order to run the installer file!)

You can ensure you have the latest Workstation installer by clicking the button below (Workstation Installer Only)

3. Welcome Screen - Select “Next >” to continue

3b. Read and Accept the license agreement.

3c.  ClicNext. No credentials are needed. 

4. Select the setup - Just click Next

5. Start Installation – Click Install

6. Installing...

7. Installation Completed – The P11D Organiser workstation setup is complete. Click “Finish

The installation process will have created a P11D Organiser folder on the user’s desktop containing a shortcut to the application to launch the system from the correct installation location. The user’s PC will also have a new program entry accessible using the Windows Start bar.

The workstation installation is now complete, however, if this is workstation installation is for a new user of the P11D Organiser system then you will also need to add a new user record in user security table by logging into the system as the ADMIN user. More information on how to do this can be found here.

I don't have the Install folder...

If you do not have the "Install" folder in your directory you can obtain it through the organiser. The following steps will show you how to download the folder.

1. Navigate to the top of the organiser and find the "Help" tab. Hover over "About P11D Organiser" and click on "Software Live Update".

2. In the subsequent screen locate and click on the dropdown box in the bottom left of the corner of the window and then select "P11D Organiser Workstation Setup". The "Install" folder will now download and contain the "Workstation.exe".