Available under the Tools menu:

The system calculates the benefit position with each change of data so there is no real need to perform a global recalculate, however should you choose to you can force a 'recalculate' based on:

  • An Employee
  • A Lookup
  • An Employer
  • Everybody (the whole system)

Recalculating an Employer is often a good idea before submitting, jut to be sure!

Duplicate NI Numbers

There is sometimes a need to fix erroneous or duplicate employee records that have been introduced. For example, importing employee data using PAYROLL number can add a new record for an employee who had left and then subsequently re-joined the company with a new Payroll number), but the same NI number.

To use the recalculate feature to transplant/merge benefit records into one specific employee record:-

Use the Setup filter to find records WITH benefits AND DUPLICATE NINO

Select the employee record that you wish to keep/use (have all the benefits merged & saved to), then select the Recalculate benefits option from the Tools menu, and select This Employee. Answer Yes to the pop up message:

It is advisable to check and edit the benefit records to make sure that they are allocated correctly (e.g. have no overlapping dates of availability for company cars, medical benefit records etc.)